Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Even more knitting! With sewing application!!

Pattern: "Jatta" by Norah Gaughan.  
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool, felted (& roving for needle felting)
Lining: Amy Butler cotton

This was my first felting project and it sat uncompleted for almost a year, because I was to chicken to try needle felting.  

Needle felting is both easier and harder than it looks.  Easy to do and hard to make perfect. 

It takes quite a few needle pounces to secure the roving and this can create 'bruised' fabric.  I think this is another reason that it's recommended to turn the fabric over and pounce the design from the back - to make it flat again.  

Also, (and this is pretty obvious) the roving, once it's felted into the fabric, takes up a smaller area than as free roving.  So, you have to figure on the design, eg the petals, becoming smaller once it's felted.

Of course, you can needle felt onto any wool fabric.  I practiced on some worsted wool coating (with some nylon content) and it looked really beautiful.  It's definitely a lovely add-on for fabric embellishment, on lapels or pockets, or bags.


No, not Tom and  me.  We're lifers.  

My Bernina store and local fabric store got divorced.  Bernina moved out of town and is unapproachable.  The fabric store is still local but kind of lonely and depressed, putting on a brave face.  

I can't just drop by and browse fabrics because I feel obligated to buy something.  And, I'm not going to drive 10mins out of town to go to the Bernina store, because I can't be bothered to take classes there.  

Divorce sucks and one won't even talk to the other.  

I think I'll have to join a knitting group.