Tuesday, August 07, 2007

2 Burda Dresses & TTFN

Burda 5/07 - 123 Dress

This is one of the sleeper dresses from the May issue. It's a simple pattern for wovens, with gathering on the center front bust, side seam bust and along the side fronts, below the shoulders. I opted to use a buttermilk, which made it all so much easier and quicker.

The fit is fantastic, it looks stunning and it's very boob enhancing. At under 2 yds of fabric, I'll be making this pattern again and again for sweet little dresses.

Size: 44
Fabric: Buttermilk from Gorgeous Things
Mods: Added a small scootch on the side seams at the bust.

(Bodice details:)

Burda 4/07 - 127 Dress

I haven't worn anything so 'precious' since I was 9 or so, but, hey it's red and has 'loves', as my little guy calls them.

This is another summer dress than I almost overlooked. It's for sheer wovens, with a shoulder yoke, shaped dropped waistline, bias cut skirt and small ruffles along the neckline and yoke. I was going to describe the neckline as rather modest on this, but given I lived on a topless beach for a year, I may be a little skewed.

Size: 44
Fabric: Heart shaped red borderie from Gorgeous Things, lined with batiste (dyed red with Rit).
Mods: Lowered the bust dart and added a scootch on the side seam bust. I should have done a proper FBA, but I was in a rush. I also added vertical bust-waist darts after the dress was completed to nip in the front waist more.
Verdict: This is a very feminine summer dress and a lot of fun to wear. The ruffles can be omitted, but I found they're rather low-key on this fabric. I'm really enjoying wearing this, although it might be too bright for dear old London.

(Ruffle detail:)


I'm off to London to visit my parents for two weeks, with a side trip to Paris, to eat crepes with Connor. Given the exchange rate, I'd have to be foolish to buy anything, but the sight seeing is more fun.

Have a lovely summer y'all.


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Both dresses are adorable and you look fabulous in them. You're right about the one from the May Burda being a sleeper...I had completely missed that one! I hope you have a wonderful time in Europe.
    Tammy (izzie)

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Touran, your dresses are beautiful, and you look fabulous in them. Glad to have found your blog.