Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Jalie 2794

So, the poor Avs lost rather spectacularly.  The Red Wings were just too good.  Boo.  Worse than watching your team lose, is watching your team lose live with hundreds of other depressed fans.  By the third period, there were more Red Wings fans in the stands.  

At least, I had the nicest t shirt there.  They really don't make attractive women's shirts.  Either they're cut like men's shirts or they're sparkly pink.  Gah!

I used Jalie 2794 for my t shirt makeover.  The original was a size XL.  I managed to cut out most of a size AA from the fabric.  The front yokes are cut from some matching burgundy cotton tube knit, as are the bands.

The size is pretty much perfect.  I think in a more stretchy fabric, it might even be a touch loose.  

I left off the the center front elastic because it would have interfered with the logo.  Also, the bands were too long to really pull in the back neck sufficiently against my neck.  That's an issue others have also noted.

All in all, this is a great pattern.  I love it so much that it's already getting re-cut it in a linen knit.

The back?

Why, yes, I am a Forsberg fan.  

Btw - what's up with hockey groupies?  Have they never smelled hockey gear??  


  1. It's fantastic! I love how you changed this shirt into something so wonderful... now I need to look through my shirts to see if I have something to alter.

  2. Hey, I'm a Foppa fan too! I love your recon t-shirt, I'd like to do that with a few shirts so I can wear them during exercise.

  3. Very cute; it's got a bit more flair than a 'regular' t-shirt redo. The Red Wings are just on fire this year - doubt if the Stars can stop them either. I'm a Sharks fan and had to watch them lose in 4th overtime Sunday - not sure if that's better or worse than 8-2!

  4. Jenny1:43 PM

    Absolutely awesome! I think I shall have to think up something for my Lightning! Hockey rules! Oh BTW, I kwym about hockey gear....ewwww gross.

  5. Brilliant tee makeover!