Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Everything is half done.

I committed to intswemodo2010 on Ravelry, basically 12 sweaters/tops/vests in 12 months. My first sweater is a beautiful lace number which is taking a very long time. To take a break, I cast on this:

Yarn: Tahki Yarns Sky in Leaf

The yarn worked out perfectly weight wise, although the color is a little light for my skin. I get darker in the summer, so it'll look better then. I just have to figure what to wear with it. It's too short in the body for my jeans, so I'll need a skirt that sits at the waist. Time for a fabric diving expedition in my closet of shame. I can't visualise what colors (other than white or brown or purple) would go well with this. I probably have prints that would suit, but they're mostly floral and I think that'll look twee.

It's so relaxing to have a quick project that I've put a stop to stashing fingering yarns. I've got enough of that weight to last quite a few years worth of knitting.

On the sewing front, I meant to review a LBD. But the dress is so wrinkled looking in the photos, I'm too embarrassed to show it. Back to the ironing board.

Too make up for lack of sewing, I've resorted to classic make-up stashing:

These are from Lucy's Fabrics: one of the prints is for my son (guess which one!) and the others are just basic cotton lycra knits. The gold one is a brushed knit, slightly beefier and would make a great dress or spring time hoodie.

This set is from Fashion Fabrics Club: quilted outerwear from Patagonia and a super wide Japanese wool/lycra knit. The last one had some beautiful colors that sold out in a flash. I missed out on a gorgeous deep rust and the black. Boo.

I've got some pyjamas and workout pants that just need hemming and I can share more of my glamorous life.

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  1. the top looks smashing! As for colours to go with it: grey, navy, white, earthy reds and browns....