Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bitty Blue Hat

Fall is mostly about my little boy, Connor. Halloween, his birthday in November, trips to London and Hilton Head to visit Grandmas and finally Christmas..... It's a long haul of celebration, family and fun. Most of what I sew and make right now are for him.

This is the my first completed knitting project in 16 years. I took up crochet last year and returned to knitting this year - I'm getting faster every day. This was a fun quick thing. And the big payoff:

"Mama, I look pretty!"

Now he wants me to sew him a dress. Boys do wear dresses, Mama. Help!!


  1. My suggestion is to make him a Kilt. Many men still wear them: I've visited a popular website devoted to the sale of kilts. I have male friends who wear kilts. That could lead to a discussion to the Celtic culture, music and dance, the Scots and Irish their history, and influence in our culture. Easy.

    Plus, I just Googled "kilts" and found many links.

  2. What an excellent idea!! Thanks.

  3. My son always wanted to wear my daughter's dresses, and it upset my husband terribly. We solved the problem by getting him dress-up costumes that were sparkly and pretty yet masculine.

    My daughter continues to dress him up in dresses.

  4. PS, Touran,
    I am also thinking he might need to have his first haircut. His curly locks are beautiful, but it may be time for them to go and a lock to be preserved in your scrapbook. I know how mothers are about this, and I sympathize.

  5. But he IS pretty, Touran!