Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hot Patterns: Weekender Chilled-out Sweat Suit

I made this pretty soon after it was released.

I made it up in a 16, with no alterations. I have a 43-44" bust and the fit is great. The front lays just right on my bust without falling to either side of my bust. The shoulders are a little dropped and the bodice is undarted. This is not a fitted item and I don't think it's designed to be, but it's close fitting.

This one shows the front (there's an optional zipper) held close, to show that the fit is still good.

The back is again fine. The hem is resting on my tushing because I forgot to pull it down. But again this is undarted and to be expected.

The fabric is a black terry faced grey knit, with at least a 50% stretch. I used light grey serger thread. It was easy and fast to make. And moreover, it's great to wear. It's cute, relaxed and kinda hip. What more could you ask for. I get appreciative comments and looks all over. Note: it's good to stitch the facings down at the shoulder seams for extra non-flapping security.

I also made up the pants, which have the L shaped crotch curve. I made them up in the same fabric in a size 16, although my tush lies between 16 and 18. They were close fitting, but cute and just right. 'Were' - because I nuked them in the dryer. Oops. So I made them up in a less stretchy rayon/poly/lycra. Oops again. With the tighter size, they really needed the stretch, so that pair got wadded up.

I'm waiting to get settled in my new sewing room to pull it out with the correct fabric.

Sorry about the awful pics. It's 5 days to moving and time is getting tight.


  1. Touran, that is really cute! I like the neckline, so nice for layering over a tank top.

  2. It looks great! You're going to get LOTS of use out of this!

  3. Lorna2:47 PM

    Thanks for posting this ... I have it in the mail right now! I am looking forward to sewing this up especially now that I have seen it on a set of twins similar to mine in size!

  4. Touran, that looks awesome. Geez, I will admit (sheephishly) that I never knew you had left Colorado!

    Bon voyage back to the west!

  5. It is really cute, Touran. Thanks for showing it in spit of your impending move. And good luck, settle in soon.

  6. Touran, thanks for the pictures! Your top turned out really cute. Good luck with your move.