Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pattern Review Weekend NYC

What a whirlwind life I have. Two days after the moving truck finally arrived, I got on the plane to New York. I've wanted to do this trip for a long time, but the timing is atrocious for me. Not this year. My husband gets a shout out for practically pushing me onto the plane, "but I have so much to do!!".

I roomed with Ann and Marilyn from MA, who were wonderful and fun. And I got to meet so many other women - talented, accomplished, witty, lovely ladies all of them. We shopped, talked, enabled and shopped some more. I only wish I'd had more time to talk to more people.

I started off calmly and gently at Global Leathers and wound up a slavering fool at Kashi's. My box from him hasn't arrived yet, but this is the fabric I brought with me:

Brick rayon/lycra, lace cotton blend knit & black/gold/red knit from Spandex House.
Purple/lavendar swirl rayon/lycra from Mood.

Beautiful glitter butterfly on gold leather from Global. Anna Mazur was very inspiring to me and a lot of others reminded me of an Anne Klein tops pattern from the 90's for a vest/top from this leather. I was stuck at 'handbag?', so I appreciated the muse.

Rayon Velvet in blue-grey from Parron's.
Black leather (shared the skin with Jodi) and snake skin leather from Global.
Two wide elastics from Spandex House for lingerie.

Tropical print rayon/lycra, swirl brown and tan linen/lycra from Mood.
Pumpkin slinky and heathered green slinky from Spandex House.

And the final sweet haul:

There's an annual chocolate show in NYC. Tom and I went to the first one and this time I had to go it alone. It is the most phenomenal turnout of national and international chocolatiers, all with samples. The crowds are suffocating but the experience is so worth it. This is my gift to my lovely husband and gorgeous son for making it possible for me to go away this weekend.

Ok, the pumped up heath bars are mine. But the rest, all theirs.


  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

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  2. YUUUUMM to both the fabrics and the chocolates! You did good. I want to see that lace in more detail if possible.

  3. MN_swimmom6:38 PM

    Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! Can you provide a little more detail about the fabric you purchased from Kashi? I'm calling in an order later in the week, and don't want to miss any true gems!

  4. MarilynB1:13 PM

    I see you did make it to the chocolate show as planned. It doesn't get any better than fabric and chocolate. In the same weekend could be mind (and tummy) boggling. It was great rooming with you.