Friday, November 17, 2006

And the rest of the fabric....

The box from Kashi at Metro Textiles just arrived, and I'm still happy with my purchases.

The colors are too dark on this set.
Top left is a reversible wool/blend rib knit, mid-weight, pink-purple on one side and purple on the other.
Top right is a coppery gold stretch denim.
Bottom is a cream knit with gold metallic thread. Lightweight, very soft and much lighter than the picture.

Top left is a heavyweight sweater knit, grey/black/ivory flowers on brilliant red. This is embarrassing. I bought it thinking the wrong side was the right side. Both side are good though, one has a regular knitted structure and the other is soft and fleecy. Even more embarrassing, I realised when I got home that I had already purchased this fabric from Ressy's Co-op. Oy!
Top right is a crinkle georgette in greys, ivory and pomegranate. Very pretty.
Bottom left is a mesh knit with a very colorful, Asian design.
Bottom right is a gold printed stretch velvet in black.

Top left is the soft, fleecy side of the sweater knit above.
Top right is a gorgeous burnout chiffon in a pistachio green, with branches in coppery brown and embroidered/sequined floral branches. I put the lower part over the copper stretch silk charmeuse which will be the lining.
Bottom left is a pleated red silky. It's a poly but very pretty and cheap, so it snuck in.

All the glittery, gold fabrics left me with a bit of a reputation as a glitter-ho, but also very, very happy.

There'll be another box next week with three more fabrics. I'm not on a fabric diet, but I'm satiated. In fact I'm going to try and shave off a third of my stash. I'm only going to put up with loved fabrics anymore. There is so much out there, that when I need the blah, I'll be able to find it anytime.


  1. Janet (MN_swimmom)5:41 PM

    Thanks for letting me know on SG that you'd posted these photos. Very nice haul from Kashi! I especially liked the pisttachio/copper burnout!

  2. I liked what you said about only putting up with loved fabrics. I think that's a great attitude. We should surround ourselves with fabric that we love. God knows in my case I'm surrounded by it for a long time before I actually use it. :)