Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lazy Summer

I just can't find the energy to do anything new. It is hot, hot, hot! So I've been puttering around, unpacking my fabirc to go into the sewing room closet. With every box I lug upstairs from the basement, I feel virtuous. With every box I unpack, I feel overwhelmed. There really is too much and most of it, I love. I'll see how that ends up.

Everything else is going backwards, but in good ways.

Skirt that didn't work into a couple of retro aprons:

Scarf that didn't work into 3 beautiful skeins of Rowan kidsilk haze:

And look at my 'care package' from London: Patrones and fresh Himalayan saffron. Heavenly:

And on a proud-yet-whiny note, how come he can grow a garden in his sandbox and I can't grow *$&^ ?


  1. Great saves. I'm not sure what the skirt was supposed to look like but that fabric looks wonderful as a retro apron!

  2. Very good idea. Next time I mess up a skirt I'll know what to do!! LOL about the sandbox. I can't grow anything either.