Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mood Fabrics

I didn't get to go the PR West Coast get together two weeks ago, but I got to visit LA on Easter weekend.  It was mostly time at the beach and with Mickey, but I did get one glorious hour in Mood, which was deserted.

I did pretty well, I think:

This is a Nanette Lepore wool, 2.25 yds.  I know the big woven tweeds are pretty much done now, but it's so beautiful  and visually appealing that I couldn't stop myself.   At the rate I use up my fabric, it'll be in vogue again before I get to it.  It makes me very happy.

This is a soft rayon lycra, which will be perfect for a summer top.  (Summer 2008 that is!)

This is a Cavalli print in 1.75 yd panels.  The colors there are all my favorites: cream, gold, red, black and green.  There are gold metallic dots outlining some areas and it's gorgeous.  This will take a little planning to make the best of it.  

This one is a designer print, but I can't remember who.  It is a textured cotton/lycra, heavyweight but just right for a summer and fall dress.

And, last is a double layer cotton lawn, brown under layer, pistachio top layer.  They are sewn together in a large paisley pattern with cutouts to show the brown.  This one was very expensive, so I got enough to make a loose, short sleeved summer top.

Since I got into knitting heavily last year, my time is very divided between fabric and yarn, but I'm moving into some kind of balance.  

I'm finishing up my winter projects, so I'll have some finished objects to show soon.  But spring is knocking hard on our door and I'm having to hurry up.


  1. oh! Fabric envy!!!

    Very, very pretty stuff!

  2. You got some great stuff!!!

  3. Those are all spectacular - wow. I especially like the B&W Nanette Lepore woven.

  4. So glad you're blogging again. I love all your new fabrics, especially the Cavelli.

  5. Patty6:25 AM

    Beautiful fabric. Lots of sewing love!

  6. Yummy fabric!

    I was perusing the popular patterns on Rav today, and came across the central park hoodie, it reminded me of your lovely sweater you wore to Sally's class!

    Just stopped in to say hello!