Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Projects

I don't exactly look for kids' projects, but they sneak up on me. For example, a Thomas stocking for Thomas-loving boy:

How can I say no? The panels are from Equilter and it's lined with stash flannel. I made the letters for his name with cotton backed onto Wonder Under - magic stuff, because I couldn't be bothered to break out the embroidery attachment for my Bernina.

Which is another thing I'll never buy: embroidery attachments and the hellaciously priced software.

We also got to use my new Kandi Kane hot iron to embellish the stocking with hot fix crystals. It's addictive for a glitter-addict like myself. Watch out world! One thing I learned about the Kandi Kane is to use it like a regular hot fix iron:

1. Place crystal on project.
2. Use a smaller concave head than the crystal size.
3. Hold hot tip on crystal for 12 seconds.

When I used the Kandi Kane method, the crystal would get stuck (glued into) the concave head, hence the smaller size. Also their method has you holding the crystal in the hot head until the glue bubbles, then planting it on the fabric by tapping it. It's crazy inefficient and that drives me nuts.

I also made a pair of Santa pyjamas and a pair of corduroy pants. His loveliness has deigned to wear the former for the holiday period (only), but has refused the latter, as too baggy for his style. Anyway, two shirts to go for him and I'm done until the next kid project gets me.

This one is for me. It's the fabric I'm using for the dress version of Simplicity 4045. The fabric is a silk georgette from Fabric Mart, that's way too wild to be ignored. I'll line it with olive green ambiance to cut out some of the yellow tones. But check the print - it actually has leopard, tiger, cheetah and a fourth mystery cat cobbled together.

Hey, maybe I can put hot fix crystal all over it. Hmmm?!!

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  1. Thomas sure has endured. My DS who is 19 now watched the old show every Sunday morning. The stocking is very cute. Have fun filling it!