Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays!

So, three days homebound! It was mostly by choice, because I do love staying in. I made my green Simplicity 4045 dress, a Thomas-Snow-Globe shirt for Connor and finished a dress from NM 23230. I know the last one looks awfully cheesy, but it's turned out cute. My camera is packed away, so I'll post pictures next weekend.

We're off to Denver International Airport tomorrow to fly to Hilton Head Island. We're spending Christmas week with my in-laws on the 9th hole. No, not playing - what I mean is that they live on the 9th hole. Hopefully the crazy backlog at the airport will have abated somewhat and we'll have smooth sailing. It'll be great to get away from the snow. Knowing Boulder, it'll probably all have melted by the time we get back.

I wish you all a joyful time with whichever celebration you have.
I'm thinking of maybe adding a pole to the festivities next year.

Happy Holidays and Happy Sewing.

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