Thursday, January 04, 2007

Late Resolve

I don't really subscribe to new year resolutions - they have too high a failure rate for me. But I've had so much fun reading other people's, that I'm just going to commit myself, darn it!

The theme is reduction:

1. Reduce my fabric stash by 30%.

This has taken me four whole days to come up with, 'cause I was so busy negotiating with myself. Also I just ordered a few yards for workout clothes. Ahem!

And the leather I got from Ebay over Christmas.

Erm.. and the small! box from Fabric Mart.

Probably just getting rid of the Fabric Mart bundles from last year will strike out 15%, leaving not much more to be worked over.

I'm selling, sewing, donating.

2. Reduce my body by about 20%.

Should be easier than the fabric. All I need is to get off my hiney and hit the gym hard 3 days a week.

3. Reduce our real estate holding by 100%.

And then increase by same. Gotta sell the danged albatross in Concord and buy here in Boulder.

4. Reduce crazy, bad moods by 90%.

Easily done by sticking to 2. and increasing my shut eye per night by 10%.

All good, achievable resolutions.
I like math.


  1. Vivienne10:46 AM

    I love the quantitative resolutions! Very scientific.

    Now about the stash reduction - is that 30% less in yardage or VOLUME?

  2. Ok, so you got me thinking...and thinking...

    I'm going to go by {drum roll} VOLUME.

    That box of fleece will be done with very soon!