Thursday, January 04, 2007

Simplicity 4045 - Dress

This is the dress version of this pattern. It's basically the top, lengthened.

1. The fabric is a silk georgette, lined it with olive ambiance to take away some of the yellow tones.

2. As in the original top, I cut a 14 in the shoulders and sleeves and 18 on the side seams.

3. I originally lengthened the dress by 5" to get it below my knees, but forgot to take into account the bias drape. I wound up taking off 4.5" to get the final length.

4. I sewed the side seams of fashion fabric and the lining separately, then pinned them them together at the neckline and armholes.

The sleeve hems were finished with bias strips and sewn into the body.

The neck yoke was interfaced and sewn to its facing. I then pinned the finished yoke to the body and sewed the seam, trimmed it to 1/4" and zigzagged the allowance.

4. There is a rolled hem on the fashion fabric and a zigzag 1/4" away from the edge on the lining.

And that's it. It's bias folks, and minimal finishing is ideal. It took all of 2 hours to sew up. I wore it twice and might even pull it out again this winter.


  1. Anonymous8:22 PM

    You really look nice in this pattern and the fabric is beautiful. You did a nice job. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This looks really nice on you. I would have never have guessed this was the same pattern as the top you made! BTW, good luck with your resolutions - I'm find the fabric one hard to keep (that's why it's not on my list! LOL)!

  3. Lovely dress - it really looks good on you.

  4. Your dress is lovely and fits great. The fabric is beautiful.

  5. This is very flattering on you, and I love the color! Great job.

  6. Izzie1:09 PM

    That color is perfect on you! Great Dress!