Thursday, January 11, 2007

Neue Mode 23230

I started this dress last summer. It's version A of NM 23230 - it's a little bit country and not at all rock'n'roll. I'm not sure why I got seduced by it. After all, it looks frumpy in the line drawing and, sadly, it's kind of frumpy in real life. But I loved the fabric, so I'm not tossing it.

It has merits: the bateau neckline with the well-designed facings, the side zipper, pretty A-line skirt, bust darts, waisted and easy fitting.

I've been going through an odd year, with all the moving about, lost, questioning my life.... a pre-mid-life crises, if you will. It's coming out in my pattern choices.

Anyway, it's there in the catalogue, a few years old already, ignore, just a little old-fashioned house dress. I'm hoping it's really not me at all.

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