Saturday, January 13, 2007

And, again, what was I thinking?

So, here's another clothing reflection of my state of mind while living in MA. It obviously wasn't doing as well as I thought.

Simplicity 4020, Version A:

I really loved Liana's top, so I dragged out some lovely purple velour. I've never had much success with velour; I can't suppress it's creeping tendencies. As I was cutting this out, I *knew*, just KNEW, that the doubled over cuffs and waist would creep like crazy, but did I stop? Nooo. I knew, I did it anyway and it creeps. So the top is a wash.

I didn't wear this style in the 80's, so I didn't realise how big I'd look, especially with the shiny, furry fabric. I look like a big, juicy plum. So the style is a wash.

I also liked view D/E, which Stacy reviewed. Of course, she has a slim waist. I suspect that with my extra pounds and large bust, the style would be unattractive on me. So the pattern is a wash.

Of course, this might be a subconscious way of ridding myself of fabric that just isn't suitable - Darwinism for stash.


  1. Oh dear, I just cut out the very same top in a red knit. I fell in love with the pattern after seeing Stacy's review also. Your top may not look like you envisioned, but I don't think you look like a big juicy plum!

  2. I'd probably look similarly large in that view - one possible way to save it would be to recut into something like Simplicity 3893, which I just picked up and am in the midst of trying out. I have a couple of RTW sweaters with that elasticized under-bust seam, and it helps a lot with the 'big block o' fabric' problem that you can get w/ dolman sleeves.

  3. Oh no! I have this pattern too, and now I'm thinking the same thing - only I'll look like a nice red apple in mine, lol!
    DD wants me to make the crossover empire waist top for her, so maybe it's not a total loss.