Monday, January 15, 2007

Vogue Spring Patterns

I've been really enjoying the direction Vogue pattern has taken in the last year. There are a lot of pattern that I love. Some of these I can't or won't wear, but quite a few of them have come home with me - some to actually be made up.

This new set of patterns has some real gems:

1. Issey Miyake two piece - 2952

It seems you either love or hate his patterns. I'm a lover and this is gorgeous. It looks gentle and vaguely conventional in the front, but then you check out the back. There are square flaps on the side seams that are brought to the half back and laced together. Beautiful.

The skirt is great too, and it's a mock wrap - just a little peekaboo of leg.

2. Anna Sui Dress - 2940

This has the potential to be poofy around my belly. But I'm loosing weight and by the time I get to it, I should be trim enough to carry the dress.

3. DKNY wardrobe - 2941

Three pieces: an easy jacket with contrast shawl collar and cuffs, a bias camisole and a yoked, gored, (lightly) bubbled skirt. The jacket and top will be useful for wardrobe repeats.

These two I probably won't ever make up, but I'll give them a good home:

4. Belville Sasson dress - 2943

It looks so much like the copy of the Mouret dress, but just look at the back seaming. There are are two sections either side of the center back seam, angling upwards towards the center, like cathedral windows. Divine. And the front sections curve and flatter.

5. Donna Karan jacket and dress - 2942

Another one for the collection. The silouette is so japanese and stylised, it's not something I've come to expect from Karan in her vogue patterns.

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