Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mittens Complete!

The mittens for Connor are felted and finished. If you're nervous about knitting with double points, this is the perfect starter project. I used 7" needles, which were a little fiddly with the tiny thumbs, but still easy to do.

The yarn is a new one for me. It looks like roving stretched out into yarn, instead of the twisted, plied yarns that I'm used to. It's very soft and a dream to knit, even softer after felting.

The service from Morehouse Farm was very fast and the patterns are clear and easy to follow. I only had one little problem and that's with their color description. This is the 'FantaSea' kit, which shows up with a lot more blue on their website. I understand that with this type of yarn dyeing, it's hard to get consistent color variations, but I did expect at least some blue. The scarf kit I ordered, is likewise, dominant in green (and mustard yellow) - but no purple!

I'm finding ordering yarn on the net has more potential problems than fabric buying. Maybe as I get more experience, it'll get better. Still, it hasn't stopped me filling a whole tub with skeins of pretty stuff. Posted by Picasa

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