Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Burda July '07 - 122 Butterfly Top

What do you think? Behemoth or whale?

This is the Burda's pattern from this month's issue. The top size is 42/44 and I fit in the upper range of 44.

The original has lovely shirring along the midriff, front and back, and is cut to about the waist. It would look beautiful on a slimmer or less wobbly midriff, but on me, the shirred section would just slide up to the narrower part of my bodice, below the breasts. Also, without the shirring, the midriff is pretty close in measurement to mine, making shirring essentially pointless on me.

I left the midriff longer than in the original and experimented belting the waist, to effect a soft blouson style. In the mirror, it didn't look too bad, a little blousy maybe. But DH told very kindly suggested that I may not want to look 'bigger'. Hee hee.

He's right, though! In the pictures I can see it makes me look matronly and huge. And in the trash it went.

The fabric was some Anna Sui satin striped chiffon from Fabricmart - pricey but unloved.

At least I'm on goal with sewing up a Burda pattern from each current issue. I have the skirt 115 from July's issue under way right now, in a green stretch twill. I think that'll work out much better on my body type.


  1. I'm sorry you weren't happy with this because the fabric is beautiful. Oh well, better luck on your next project.

  2. Trash! I hope you donated it to Goodwill, at least :) There's something about those blousey wide sleeves that makes any of us with breasts and a non-super-skinny figure look like we're wider than we are tall. There's one in the most recent Knip XL and I think it makes the model look hideous, even.

  3. I know it's wasteful to trash it, but I'd have to finish it to donate it. I just don't have that generous quality! But I could donate the fabric - thanks for the nudge.

  4. The folks at Goodwill will love it! BUT, may if you take deep seams under the arms tapering to nothting at sleeve end, it will visibly reduce the width and with stripes running vertically, I think you could salvage this and have a more flattering look.

    That's my two cents worth.