Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Fair!

My hi-tech paean to moderation:

After stuffing a closet for the past week:

That's pretty much all the fabric. I have about 100lbs that need, uh, re-distribution. I'm taking as much of the good stuff as I can to my Mom in London later this year. She can take it back to to family even later this year. Fabric in the Mid East can be very expensive and most people go to see tailors or make their own.

There's a yarn hanger to the right of this picture, with more yarn in a corner cabinet and drawers. I'm tempted to pass on the non-loved stuff there too.

And the patterns - aye!! They're still in the basement. I'm probably going to ditch most of the butterick/mccalls/simplicity/new looks. I really prefer burda, with patrones and vogue as back ups. Sheesh.

I'm exhausted, but I feel *lighter*. I'm also losing weight - hopefully all this is signaling a much needed psychological shift.


  1. Touran,

    Yeah! I can relate to the large stash. Yours looks like mine. I think some of my stash will be "re-distributed" to some other people as well. By the way, you are looking great. The weight loss is showing.

  2. Thanks Carolyn. I was reading on your blog that your stash building is on a hiatus. How I wish I could get to that point - how relaxing it must be.